The Pace Center is excited to relaunch in the Fall of 2017. As a ministry of the United Methodist Church, we believe all are created to live in deep relationship with one another, not in isolation. We also believe every individual has infinite value and an important role to play in their community.  Therefore, the mission of The Pace Center is to create a community on VCU’s campus that embodies a “Change of Pace.” Where people expect a life filled with relationships and purpose and reject the mentality of just trying to survive. We envision an important part of that mission to be a space where Rams can discover the unique value they bring to their community and learn to find value in others.

In order for our mission to come to life, we will spend the 2017-2018 school year listening to VCU faculty, staff, administration, and most especially students.

We plan to host events and programs:

  • That help students identify their passions, strengths, and vocation and how those are important to their community
  • That promote wellness of body, mind, and spirit
  • That encourage relationships across all spectrums of life

On a practical level, we envision offering the following sampling:

  • A place to try new things such as cooking for a community meal that promotes dialogue or singing at an open mic-night in a supportive environment
  • Workshops on how to be supportive to alienated communities on campus
  • Interfaith panels on the way faith can inform career and life choices
  • Small groups for strength/passion assessment curriculum and career discernment
  • A quite space for prayer and meditation

If you’d like more information or are interested in getting involved, please contact Director / Campus Minister Rev. Katie B. Gooch at

The Pace Center
700 West Franklin Street (Next to Brandt and Rhoads Hall)